A place to achieve your goals with people who know your name.

My name is Karen, and I created Pelotone as a place where people are truly welcome, valued and encouraged in their health and wellbeing goals.

I love indoor cycling - it has not only kept me fit and healthy but helped me recover my strength after a serious accident.

During my corporate career, global responsibilities meant that I was lucky enough to do a lot of traveling. Indoor cycling was great for keeping in shape and relieving stress - and it's fun! I have done spin classes in gyms all over the world for years, yet despite enjoying the cycling, the experience of being a gym member was almost universally lacking - I often felt either invisible or judged. I was a number and didn't have a name.

The idea for Pelotone took shape during a time of upheaval in my life. I shattered my leg in a sports accident and ended up in a wheelchair. During the six months of rehab it took to learn to walk again, I was made redundant from my corporate role. These experiences shook my confidence and as I recovered I began to re-evaluate my future.

I wanted to work in a different way and to share the experience of indoor cycling which had helped me so much.

I had the idea to create a centre that provided the very best cycling experience using a professional, effective cycling technique.

I wanted state-of-the-art technology that would provide tangible results and performance metrics. I wanted everyone to feel equal, supported and welcome. I wanted it fresh, modern, sleek and sophisticated. I wanted it to be a cycle studio respected by elite athletes, cyclists, triathletes, Ironmen and women, spin lovers, fitness enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

With encouragement from my husband, and inspired by legendary US cycle studios SoulCycle, Cycle House and Flywheel, I did my research and put my idea into action.

It wasn't easy, it was expensive and it took alot longer than I had expected - the price you pay when you want to make something truly unique - but everyone who walks through the doors of Pelotone confirms that the effort was worthwhile. We have built something extraordinary. It's a knock-out centre - with world class coaches, state-of-the-art technology, the best of everything, lots of treats for the riders and a sense of team spirit that is really special.

The Pelotone team and I want to offer you a premier fitness experience, personal attention and a chance to be a part of the supportive Pelotone community. And when you visit, we'll remember your name.

Pelotone is such a fun and easy way to exercise amongst friends. Each ride is completely different and I love how much my fitness has improved!
- Jessica S



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Contact Us

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