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Recipe - Breakfast - Overnight Oats

Posted by Karen on 02 January 2016

Set yourself up for success - never miss breakfast again with this quick, easy, healthy and tasty recipe - the Pelotone team love it and so will you and your family!  Eaten cold or hot after a quick couple of minutes in the microwave, this yummy breakfast will fill you up and have you energised for whatever your busy day has in store for you!  

You can make these up to 2-days ahead of time, so why not make a few and get your week started for success!  Don't worry if you are no chef - this is too easy for you to fail!  Essentially it's oats, milk, toppings and left overnight, the oats soak up the milk without getting gluggy and voila!  You wake up, open up, stir around and hey presto, you have a delicious, nutritious breakfast to eat in or go - what's not to love right?  

Let's start!

  • Grab your jars - you need a container with a lid.  


This is really up to you, but the fundamental ingredient is good old-fashioned, inexpensive rolled oats. You don't need the fancy kind - plain old normal rolled oats will do.  However if you have some old porridge oats in the cupboard not being used, grab those - they will do just fine!  

NB: If you are gluten intolerant or looking for a non-gluten substitute, we love to use quinoa or buckwheat.  You can even try rice porridge..

Milk:  Use whatever milk you usually use for breakfast.  Almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk - all fine substitutes for cows milk.

We have provided a list of potential, tried and true toppings by the team, but really the list is endless, so experiment and find what works for you!

Potential toppings:

  • Strawberries / Raspberries / Blackberries / Blueberries or go crazy and use them all!
  • Peanut butter.  Yep you read that right - yum!
  • Banana
  • Tinned fruit - apples, peaches, pears, two fruits, fruit salad - you get the gist. 
  • almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts,
  • Currants, sultanas or raisins
  • Coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Yoghurt - we like plain greek yoghurt, but use your favourite
  • Muesli, granola
  • Spices: Your favourite sweeteners to add a little zest - cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla bean, cocoa all good.
  • Protein Powder

Let's get busy:

  1. Place a serving of rolled oats (or your substitute) in to the jar.  Use whatever you think you will eat.  We use a cup to a cup as a general rule,
  2. Pour your desired milk over the oats. You want to coat them and leave a little over the top - but just a little!
  3. Add your desired toppings. Start with seeds/grains or peanut butter; follow up with yoghurt; then fruit; then sprinkle some protein powder or spices over the top if you like.  IF you like a bit of crunch - add the muesli or seeds last - all except chia seeds. They need to go lower so they can soak up some of the milk!
  4. Put the lid on.
  5. Place in fridge overnight.
  6. Wake up - go to fridge and VOILA!  Breakfast is served!

*Stir before you eat.  If you think you need extra sweetness, use a little maple syrup, glucose syrup or honey to taste.

Remember, you can eat at home or take it with you to class, work etc. This is the perfect breakfast for busy people - so eat the most important meal of the day and enjoy!


Pelotone is such a fun and easy way to exercise amongst friends. Each ride is completely different and I love how much my fitness has improved!
- Jessica S

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