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Chiro News - If you don't move it - you'll lose it!

Posted by karen on 30 June 2015

I’ve been in chiropractic practice approximately 14 years in the St Marys and the Hills area, and I follow that principle that if "you don’t move it- you’ll lose it" in my practice to my patients.

If we take a microscopic view of any joint in the body we tend to see small nerve endings which are known as ". PROPIOCEPTORS are nerves for pain and inflammation and they are broken down into 2 categories;

1:MECHANO-RECEPTORS which increase joint movement and decrease pain and inflammation.

2:NOCI-CEPTORS which work in opposite when you injure a joint they stimulate inflammation (brusing) and thus consequently pain.

The principle of "if you don’t move it –you’ll lose it works on the propioceptor nerve endings. Once we move it we stimulate the mechano-receptors and thus inhibiting pain and inflammation, so in my day-to-day practice I try to stimulate movement in any joint of the human body.

And PELOTONE does exactly the same "You don’t move – you’ll lose it"

When we are on the bike for a full solid hour with the PELOTONE-gang, every single joint in our body moves, not only the big ankles, knees and hips, everything up to the neck. And the MECHANO-RECPTORS are massively stimulated thus reducing inflammation and pain and increase joint flexibility.

My experience with PELOTONE other than having awesome FUN, FITNESS and learning how to climb those HILLS, came after falling off a tree. I sprained my right ankle and after 1 month it was still swollen! After speaking to a few patients that attend PELOTONE I decided to join and after 2 weeks the swelling came down dramatically and now I have full function of my ankle.

See you all soon on a bike.

Kind regards

Dr Hossain (Hoss) Tefaili

(Chiropractor) - A Family Chiropractor

St Mary's NSW(02) 9673 2851 & Kings Langley NSW(02)8678 5560

Pelotone is such a fun and easy way to exercise amongst friends. Each ride is completely different and I love how much my fitness has improved!
- Jessica S

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