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3 Mistakes Indoor Cycle Studio Beginners Make

Posted by Karen on 16 October 2014

An indoor cycle studio provides one of the most beneficial workouts possible. Indoor cycling is low impact, burns a lot of calories (as many as 800 calories in a single session!), tones and defines muscles, increases endurance, and ultimately increases your level of health and fitness.

Because there are so many benefits to visiting an indoor cycle studio, there is a large portion of almost every class that is filled with complete beginners. If you are going to be one of them, here are a few things that you should avoid so that you get the most benefit out of your indoor cycle studio visit.

1. Showing Up Late

An indoor cycle studio is not a typical gym scenario where you can show up a few minutes late without any problems. With group classes the coach will begin at a specific time and set the pace as quickly as possible. If you show up late to the class you would not get much benefit from that session and it would disrupt the rhythm and concentration of other cyclists as well.

Pelotone provides professional indoor cycling classes and focus on an extraordinary experience, so we do not allow latecomers to join the class.  This is due to disruption as mentioned before, for your own safety and the safety of our riders and because oftentimes each indoor cycle studio session is booked in advance with a waiting list. A few minutes before each session is sit to begin, walk-ins and those on the waiting list will be given empty bikes, so if you arrive late you may find a bike isn't available.

If you want to get the most out of your time, or even get a bike at all, showing up on time for your workout is essential.  The Pelotone experience is unique and considerably more care is provided to our riders - so by showing up early, you will have plenty of time to fit your complimentary SUUNTO HR monitor, professional cycling shoes (if you don't have your own), grab your resistance band, water and be ready to ride confidently and safely.  As a new rider you will be introduced to the coach and other riders, so you will walk in to the studio without trepidation or anxiety - ready to have fun!

2. Using the bike without adjusting.

This is a mistake that can not only inhibit you from maximizing your workout but lead to injuries as well. The chances that the cyclist before you is your exact size is extremely low. As a result the settings they used will probably no work for you. Adjust the bike so that it is as comfortable as possible before the session begins. Gyms will rarely take the time to set up your bike effectively for you or provide a personalised service, so never be afraid to ask your coach or staff member of the indoor cycle studio for help if you are unsure on how to make the adjustments.  At Pelotone, all new riders will have their bike professionally set up for them to ensure a safe and effective ride.  New riders are encouraged to participate in the FREE Technique/Bike Set up session that is run before the majority of our XP and PARTY classes.  This session is designed to ensure the coach takes newcomers through bike set up to ensure you are confident and ready to get the most of out of your ride with us.  You are welcome to participate in this session as many times as you like, no limits. Safety and your enjoyment is key to the Pelotone experience.

3. Not using the correct amount of resistance.

Using the right amount of resistance on the pedals can be the difference between burning a lot of calories during your session and spending 45 minutes without getting any results. If the resistance that you are using is too low you will not exercise key muscles properly, you run the risk of the pedals spinning quicker than you, and you ultimately do not get the workout you signed up for. You cheat yourself.

The same is true for having too much resistance. While you may feel ambitious as a beginner in an indoor cycle studio and want to add as much resistance as possible, you will quickly find that having too much resistance can make it impossible to pedal for an entire session. At Pelotone, the coach will provide you with clear direction as to where you should be from a resistance and heart rate zone perspective.  What Pelotone does is unique and aligned with professional cycling technique and methods, so pay attention and you will reap the amazing results!

If you are not sure how much resistance you should have, make sure to ask your coach. It is also important to note that as you progress in your workouts you will naturally become stronger and more fit. The resistance you used on your first day may not be enough to see similar fitness gains after you have been in 3 months of classes.

Pelotone is such a fun and easy way to exercise amongst friends. Each ride is completely different and I love how much my fitness has improved!
- Jessica S

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