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3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Group Cycling Classes

Posted by Karen on 16 October 2014

Group cycling classes are one of the most fun, result driven exercise classes you can take. Not only are you in a group with individuals who are trying to improve their health and reach their own fitness goals just like you, indoor cycling also provides huge benefits.

From burning calories to help you lose weight to strengthening and toning your muscles, group cycling classes are nearly unmatched as an aerobic exercise if done correctly. Here are 3 things you need to do in order to get the most out of your workout so you are on the fast track to meeting your fitness goals.

Wear the right clothes.

When you join group cycling classes you do not need to bring much with you- at Pelotone, being a premier cycle studio you are very well looked after! Despite that, there are still a few guidelines when it comes to your workout. The biggest issue is the actual clothing that you wear. One thing you must remember is to not wear pants that are loose at the ankle. With loose fitting pants near the pedals there is a high chance that your clothes can get caught as you work out. Not only does this run the risk of having your pants yanked down in the middle of your group cycling classes, it opens you up to injury as well.

Instead of pants, consider wearing cycling shorts. These shorts are specifically designed to give you the most comfortable workout possible. You do not have to worry about your clothes getting caught in the pedals, chafing, or rashes. If you intend to cycle regularly, consider investing in a pair of cycle knicks or bib - these offer the comfort of a chamois making your ride far more comfortable.  Both are sold at Pelotone.

Consider shoes.

In addition to the right shorts, cycling shoes are also highly recommended. These shoes clip on to the pedals of your bike so that you do not have to worry about applying pressure to keep your foot attached and from sliding around. Instead you can focus that extra energy into your workout, maximizing the benefit you receive from every session you attend. At Pelotone, if you do not own your own, you will be provided with a pair of professional cycle shoes with a SPD cleat ensuring you receive a more effective workout than those where you wear sneakers. Cycling shoes are proven to provide anywhere from a 15-30% more effective ride through the activation of muscles not activated with the pedal movement provided with a sneaker.  You rarely see an outdoor cyclist wear sneakers - that's the reason!

Trust your coach.

If you are a beginner the very first session of your group cycling classes can be daunting. You do not know what to expect, you may be completely out of shape, and you are surrounded by people who have probably done this before.

As soon as the music starts, especially when you are told to pick up speed, one of the first thoughts in many beginners is that it is all too much. Instead of giving up you need to put trust in your coach. He or she is qualified and has developed a specific routine that is designed to give you the maximum benefit without pushing you too far.

Stay a few minutes late.

One of the most important things to remember for any workout is the cooldown. After your group cycling classes you may be in a hurry to get out and go home, but it is highly recommended to stay for the cooldown process. After an intense workout your muscles need time to relax. By stretching and cooling down properly you reduce the risk of injuries and cramps which ultimately make your recovery process a lot easier.

Take the few extra minutes necessary to stay after class and perform the cooldown exercises with your instructor. Your body will thank you for it. At Pelotone, unlike a gym, it is mandatory that you stay for the cooldown as the onus is on health, safety and a more professional fitness experience. 

Pelotone is such a fun and easy way to exercise amongst friends. Each ride is completely different and I love how much my fitness has improved!
- Jessica S

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