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How to Choose The Right Cycle Studio

Posted by Karen on 16 October 2014

The benefits of going to a cycle studio for indoor cycling exercises and classes are huge. From losing weight, burning calories, promoting cardiovascular health, and ultimately achieving your fitness goals have never been easier or more fun. To maximize your benefits, though, and make sure you are reaching your goals choosing the right cycle studio is essential. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before booking your first class at a cycle studio.

Does it fit your goals?

Everyone has different goals when it comes to visiting a cycle studio. There are cyclists that a professional athletes who use a cycle studio to train at, avid riders who are looking to increase their performance during weather that is unsuitable for outdoor cycling, and even beginners who simply want to find a way to get into shape.

Regardless of why you are choosing to go to a cycle studio, it is crucial that you choose a studio that can provide you with the equipment and resources necessary to get the most out of your time. If you are an avid cyclist that owns a stationary bike worth more than a car, visiting a cycle studio that only caters to beginners and weight loss routines probably is not right for you.

The opposite is true as well. A cycle studio that is full of professional athletes may not be the environment you belong in if you are a first timer that is trying out indoor cycling for the first time. Make sure the studio you choose caters to your goals before booking a session. Pelotone - Sydney's premier indoor cycle studio is unique in that it caters for riders of all levels and the community of riders range from Olympians, Ironmen/women, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts through to people at the beginning of their fitness journey and beginners new to cycling entirely.

Is it a dedicated cycle studio?

With the popularity of cycle studios growing a lot of gyms are promoting themselves as a cycle studio when they actually are not. To get the most out of your classes and training sessions, using a cycle studio that is only dedicated to indoor cycling is ideal.

With a standard gym that happens to have stationary bikes, you will not get the same level of expert guidance that you receive from a dedicated cycle studio. Equipment is also an issue with locations that are not dedicated to cycling. At a professional studio you will typically have access to higher quality equipment than you would at a gym and the expertise dedicated to cycling will far surpass a gym in most cases.

Do they use professional instructors?

Not only is the actual studio itself important to ensure that you receive the right equipment, the instructors should be looked at as well. Regardless of how experienced you are, taking your fitness to the next level will happen quicker if you have an expert trainer. Dedicated cycle studios will have a wide range of expert staff that will be able to assess, train, and motivate you to reach your goals. Pelotone focus on coaching rather than the often impersonal ínstructing provided at gyms.  Coaches are world-class, highly trained, experienced cyclists, fitness coaches and athletes.

In Sydney? Try Pelotone!

Pelotone is the premier indoor cycling studio in Sydney. We have a staff of only the best cycling trainers that are able to help you reach your goals, regardless of how experienced you are (or even if you are a complete beginner). We use industry leading equipment to ensure you get the best results from each class. The experience is truly unique in Australia - it is the first of its kind to provide such a holistic approach to cycling based fitness, providing such a premier and extraordinary ride experience.  Book your first class today!

Pelotone is such a fun and easy way to exercise amongst friends. Each ride is completely different and I love how much my fitness has improved!
- Jessica S

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