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Indoor Cycling at Pelotone will give you the edge outside!

Posted by karen on 07 January 2016

Ever heard people suggest that training indoors is a weak training option?  If you cycle outdoors you are sure to have come across detractors with very firm opinions about indoor cycling not helping outdoor riding.  We hear it a lot at Pelotone and when we do, we smile graciously and accept that you can't win everyone over.  Behind the smile though, we know they are wrong!  In fact, indoor cycle training can mean the difference between 1st and 2nd in a whole host of races according to pro cyclists and athletes!

Training indoors provides:

  1. A greater focus and adaptation to training stimulus given the controlled environment (no traffic, start-stop, road configuration etc.)
  2. A greater cardio-vascular benefit based on reduced airflow/ oxygen concentration/
  3. An opportunity to control road configuration and incline/
  4. Heat acclimatisation/
  5. Opportunity for direct comparison with peers in your class.
  6. Consistency of the condition for testing purposes and data collection.
  7. It's fun and a change from your daily training routine.
  8. Still not sure if training at Pelotone really helps your outdoor riding and gives you the edge? 

A recent article from respected site noted that "indoor cycling and the associated training sessions which focus on it’s strengths are today meaning the difference between 1st and 2nd in a whole host of races – not just Mr Froome in the clouds.
An increasing number of triathletes are choosing to do most of their bike training indoors year-round. That’s right not just in the heart of winter, or during the April showers but right throughout their training schedule year round. It is now not uncommon for top cyclists to do the vast majority of their riding indoors, as a growing bulk of evidence demonstrates that their stationary suffer-fests are much more effective than riding outdoors. Staunch supporters of indoor cycling include a host of world leading triathletes – 2007 Ironman 70.3 world champion Andy Potts, who does two-thirds of his riding indoors, as does 2010 Ironman Canada winner Meredith Kessler, who’s training regimen includes outside rides just once every two weeks.

Then there is Tyler Stewart, who won Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2010, who now has moved on to ultra running (probably knows a good few things about the merits of pain & suffering then!), Mirinda Carfrae & Caitlin Snow who came 1st & 6th for the women in the Ironman World Championships in 2013, and additionally Leanda Cave who was Ironman World Champion 2012, alongside her victories in the prestigious Escape from Alcatraz 3 times. Oh yeah and she has been crowned both ITU short course World Champion and ITU long course World Champion – a feat accomplished by only a select few women.

Sir Chris mentioned in the Evans Cycle blog the value of indoor cycling in the way it allows athletes to measure improvement:

“Objective measurements are crucial to know if you are getting fitter or faster and it is highly satisfying to see in black and white that you are improving. It’s great to have very clear data you can monitor.”

Chris Hoy training indoors. Image courtesy of:

A recent article on ‘How to train like a pro rider’ by BikeRader quoted Dani King, Horizon Fitness rider and 2012 Olympic gold medallist in the Team Pursuit on her use of indoor cycling:

‘Like most people who regularly train, I find it difficult to get myself out the door when I’m feeling tired from previous sessions, but here’s how I try to motivate myself. 

Having a variety of indoor sessions is always a good idea, especially if it’s raining or icy on the roads. If you’re out in bad weather, try to change a session round so you’re not exposed for too long: a one-hour ride with four or five hard efforts instead of a two-hour ride.’

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Geraint Thomas, double Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist noted that riding indoors is the staple of any training regime.

 “If you’re able to cope mentally with two or three hours riding indoors then it’s more beneficial than the same amount of time riding on the road, where there are distractions and you have to stop and freewheel at points. And because you work harder indoors, it’s definitely a time-efficient way to train. If your time is limited (and whose isn’t?) training indoors is more practical as well as more beneficial.”

Tour de France cyclists note that some of the best attributes of cycling indoors include – perfecting riding position, focusing on intense efforts, adding variety to each session, setting training targets and enjoying distractions.

Matt Fizgerald, triathlete, author & coach wrote that:

‘the indoor trainer, much as the pool does with swimmers, encourages athletes to divide their workouts into variable-intensity segments to stave off the boredom of training in a confined space. Consequently, athletes spend more time working at higher intensities on indoor trainers than they do outdoors—and they get fitter in the process’


Stationary, Power, Fluid Trainers? We have you covered!

Pelotone were early adopters and first in Australia to have the Stages SC3 Indoor power cycles used by Team Sky. These bikes utilise the internationally renowned and loved Stages power crank that so many cyclists pay big bucks to have on their road bikes! We also have top of the line Spinner Blades that our very own World Ironman and Olympian Emir trained on to prep for his amazing performance at Kona. Perhaps you want to use your own bike - no problem! We have top of the line TACX Bushido's here for all Performance classes - just let us know you need one and we'll have it ready for you!
For more information about Pelotone, our timetable and services  please head to our website or contact us on
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Pelotone is such a fun and easy way to exercise amongst friends. Each ride is completely different and I love how much my fitness has improved!
- Jessica S

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