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Pelotone launches new COMBO classes!

Posted by Karen on 04 January 2016

Pelotone is very excited to announce the launch of our 3 NEW combo classes - exclusive and unique to Pelotone!  We have added Cycle + Core, Cycle + Punch and Cycle + Yoga to our schedule and they are hugely popular, with all classes in the first week of 2016 booking out!  These new classes combine the great cardiovascular and fat burning workout of cycling, with the added benefits of non-combative boxing, core focused exercise program and Vinyasa Yoga.

Everyone will love these classes - anyone can complete 30-minutes of H.I.I.T or Tabata based cycling, followed by 30-minutes of core, punch or yoga - regardless of fitness and everyone will benefit from them with results!

30-minutes of cycle and 30-minutes of either core, punch or yoga means that anyone, regardless of fitness will love these classes! If you find our normal classes too challenging at times or just want to mix up your already fantastic workout with us by adding full body and strength and conditioning in to the mix, then add these classes to your exercise regime with us!

These classes BOOK OUT FAST, so be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment!

*PELOTONE Cycle+Core (60 mins)

  • Cycle + Core will focus on combining a great cardiovascular cycle workout with a strengthening and toning core focused program of exercises.

  • Many people think the core is simply your abs.  Sure, the abdominal muscles are definitely the centre of the core, but it is so much more than that.

  • The core muscle group includes the lower back and muscles around the spine.  It also includes the hips and up to the neck and shoulders.  It even includes the diaphragm and pelvic muscles too!

  • We will focus on all the major muscle groups using exercises both with and without free weights.

  • Our focus will be working on all the muscle groups utilised when you are on the bike and allow you to be ready to get the most power and energy out of every class!

  • You will love the results and the fun this class provides!

*PELOTONE Cycle+Punch (60 mins)

  • Cycle + Punch is a totally cutting edge, time efficient and effective class that combines 2 of the best forms of cardiovascular fitness you will ever experience.

  • Combines 30 minutes of energetic intervals/rounds of non contact shadow combinations using free weights and specific strength and conditioning body weight exercises with 30 minutes of cycling and a cool down.

  • You will love the amazing results! This is the perfect way to build upper and lower body strength, endurance and mental coordination and focus in a fun, safe, friendly group class environment with exhilarating and motivating music. 

  • You do not need a partner to do our workout. Our coach will demonstrate and coach you in technique and footwork drills and then you follow along with the coach.

  • Another benefit of focusing on a 30 minute sustained workout?  You will torch even more calories!

*PELOTONE Cycle+Yoga (60 mins)

  • Cycle + Yoga combines 30 minutes of H.I.I.T or tabata based cycling with 30-mins of Vinyasa based yoga.

  • Yoga is a strong and powerful workout and regular yoga practice can have many benefits to cyclists and all persons.

  • Yoga can help to: improve strength, flexibility, focus.  It can also prevent injury, gain strength and it develops and strengthens the back, core and upper body.

  • Cyclists tend to have tight hips, hamstrings and tight lower and upper backs.  Regular yoga practice develops greater flexibiity and in turn, one's overall performance can improve.

  • Get ready to get your sweaty zen on with Pelotone and be amazed at the results.  You will float out of every class!


Come get sweaty and have fun with us in our combo classes soon - you are going to love the results!

Find your inspiration, motivation and results  here at Pelotone - Sydney's Premier Indoor Cycle Studio! 

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Pelotone is such a fun and easy way to exercise amongst friends. Each ride is completely different and I love how much my fitness has improved!
- Jessica S

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