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Pelotone Bike Fit Seminar - you're invited!

Posted by Karen on 07 January 2016

One of the joys of Pelotone is that the love or riding is infectious and very often, the love indoors is taken outdoors through the popular Pelotone Community social rides, participation in many charity and fun events and of course, our Multisport program and participation in multisport events throughout NSW and Australia.


When this happens, we are often asked about what bikes the Pelotone Team ride and who we recommend to go and see when it's time to buy.  Pelotone is lucky to be positioned centrally to many great bike stores, but due to our increased purchases and requirements since we launched our Multisport program, we generally recommend riders head to Velocipede in Parramatta for advice on the best bike for them - they have always provided us and our community with exceptional customer service and a great deal! Velocipede has helped many people choose their perfect bike.  

However, having the perfect bike isn't the end of the story - it's really only the beginning of a beautiful journey and to have you set up and on your way to a lifelong love affair with cycling, it's worth investing in a professional bike fit.  

As part of our consistent innovation and value add to our community, we have partnered with national bike fit specialist Kane McLachlan to provide you with professional bike fits and as a Pelotone Community member, you can be assured of professional, effective and personalised service to ensure an exceptional experience and outcome.

Why do you need a Professional Bike Fit?

  • Injury prevention
  • Comfort
  • Confidence
  • Performance

What is a Professional Bike Fit?

  • A professional Bike Fit will always start with a pre fit assessment that will include questions into your riding style and injury history, followed by a selection of physical assessments to gauge strength and flexibility.
  • The bike is then adjusted and fitted with products that compliment the riders unique physical attributes.

When do I need a Professional Bike Fit?

  • Now!  A Professional Bike Fit can help with your confidence on the bike with adding support in all your contact areas giving the new rider more enjoyment on the bike
  • Our bodies change when we train, get older or when we introduce something new into our training schedule like yoga or stretching. These aspects can greatly change our position on the bike. If you haven't been fitted for a while you may be missing out on that extra watt.

Do I need to be fitted using a machine like Retul?

  • You can give a person a scalpel, but can they perform an operation? Retul is a professional tool used by a bike fitters and is helpful if the fitter has the knowledge to apply the correct adjustments and products for a particular assessment result. It isn't enough on it's own, so you must be confident that the person using the tool has the in depth knowledge of physiology and cycling performance to get the most out of the tool and your bike fit.
  • Tilting the saddle down can help with pressure on soft tissue and pelvic tilt but it also loads the arms and lowers the saddle height as we move forward for instance. Knowing what type of saddle to use for their event and assessment results will give the rider a far better result.  It is this all round experience Kane brings to the table to ensure you the best possible fit for optimum performance and comfort.


Bike Fit Specialist - Kane McLachlan 

Kane started road and track racing at the age of 13 and quickly became very competitive through the junior ranks .  Over the following five years he represented the state and took out a NSW critirium title but at the age of 19 developed chronic fatigue.  This may have been a setback for his cycling aspirations but this started a passion for helping people in the sport. With no riding on the cards in 1997 he began to work in the cycle industry and also took an interest in the body and its workings.  This interest later led Kane to study physical assessments and programming for body imbalances as well as fitness with award winning teacher Phil Roberts and bike fit with Dr Andy Pruitt with a major focus on cycling injury prevention.

In 2011 Kane set up a MTB team that had great success in the local Enduro races with many outright team wins and some fantastic individual results that included a 6th place in The Crocodile Trophy.

Kane's passion for getting the most out of the body drives him to always push the boundaries of bike fit and he is looking forward to helping the Pelotone family be at one with your bike/s.

You are invited to our BIKE FIT SEMINAR which will be held at 4pm Sunday March 6, 2016 at Pelotone.

Special Guest, bike fit specialist Kane McLachlan will talk through the in's and out's of a bike fit, the process undertaken and benefits reaped as a result.  Friendly and informative Q&A session and the usual Pelotone Community spirit.  

Good news is that you can now book your bike fit with Kane here at Pelotone. Just give us a call or email and we will set up a time for you.  The bike fit can be done right here at Pelotone - doesn't get any easier than that!


To secure your FREE spot at our bike fit information seminar or to make your bike fit appointment please phone 8883 2146 or email  For more information about Pelotone, our timetable and services please head to our website.
Information sourced from and used courtesy of: Kane McLachlan, Velocipede Bicycles Parramatta

Pelotone is such a fun and easy way to exercise amongst friends. Each ride is completely different and I love how much my fitness has improved!
- Jessica S

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