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Corporate Health Program

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A rate that won't blow the budget or force Students to go without phone credit to stay fit! 
To be eligible, students must be under 18 yrs old OR show a valid student card.  Please make sure that you bring your student card with you when you first ride with us so we can validate it on our system.

Pelotone Multisport Team and Program, powered by Nature Performance.

Pelotone has a very succesful, very effective Multisport training program designed to give you the edge on your competitors. Coached by our Head Performance Coach Emir, an Olympian, World Ironman and triathlete, these training sessions in addition to Pelotone cycling will have you performing like the champion we know you are!

Previously only available within a membership model, we have recently opened up the Multisport Team program up to everyone due to the overwhelming interest!  Whether you want to train towards podium finishes or perhaps want to participate in a bucket list endurance event or IRONMAN, this is for you.  

Perhaps you want to sharpen up your times in marathons, duathlons, triathlons? Do you have 3-Peaks or Fitzy's Challenge on your wish list for this year? Do you want to increase your strength and fitness to allow you to participate in a Tough Mudder event, Miss Muddy, Fun Run, City2Surf or multisport charity event?  Or, do you just love Pelotone and want to add some additional strength and conditioning sessions to your fitness regime?

This is for you! Swim squads, running sessions, strength and conditioning sessions and our our award winning indoor cycling classes - we have you covered!  

As an added value offering, we are able to provide personalised triathlon and cycle coaching, personalised targetted training plans, open water and transition skills training sessions by appointment via our partnership with Nature Performance.  Simply contact us on  to arrange a consultation with our Head Performance coach Emir.

To participate, simply purchase yourself a Pelotone Multisport Series single session or pack.

NB: Multisport sessions are held off site.
  • Strength and Conditioning sessions at AH Whaling Reserve & Gooden Reserve, Baulkham Hills. 
  • Running sessions at Gooden Reserve, Baulkham Hills.
  • Swim Squad sessions at Blacktown Leisure Centre, Stanhope Gardens.
Online bookings mandatory for these sessions and subject to availability. 
At Pelotone, some of our most loved riders are Seniors and because we know riding on a stationary bike is the perfect low impact for seniors to stay fit, we've made it easy!

To be eligible you just need to be 60 years young or over.  No seniors card required.  
We think you are amazing and appreciate the contribution you have made to society and the community, so come on in!  You've earned the right to a great discount and you can guarantee we'll treat you with the respect and inclusion you deserve.  

Healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive employees.

These days companies recognise the benefits of supporting their employees with their fitness goals and maintaining health.  Company wellness programs have many benefits, often in the form of better performing workers, lower absenteeism, improved wellbeing and job satisfaction, as well as raising retention rates.

PELOTONE wants to support your company's focus on health and wellbeing by having you include us in your wellness program!


If you are an employer at a business close to PELOTONE with a staff of more than 15 you can sign up to our corporate program and your employees will be entitled to 10% off our normal prices.

In order to get corporate rates, we ask that you promote PELOTONE and endorse its use within your company health initiatives and programs to all of your employees.

For more information please email

If you are an employee and already a member of the PELOTONE community, you can access the corporate discount by promoting PELOTONE and introducing us to the right person within your company to discuss corporate rates with – ie General Manager, HR etc. It’s a quick and simple process for your employer thereafter, so as soon as your company signs up to our corporate program, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the discounted rate.

If you want to discuss further with us, please email




The Pelotone 6-week challenge is about supporting each participant to achieve the best outcome for them personally and is based on targeting body fat loss, NOT kilograms which is a misleading and ineffective gauge of success given muscle is denser than fat. There will be no winner or loser in this challenge - it's all about YOU!

  • UNLIMITED RIDES at AWARD WINNING Pelotone for 6-weeks.
  • 2 X PRIMO BIOSCANS - Body Composition Testing at the commencement of the challenge and at the end.
  • Nutritional eating plan put together in conjunction with professional nutritionist and sports therapist.
  • Access to a weekly STRENGTH & CONDITIONING session with our PELOTONE MULTISPORT TEAM.
  • Fortnightly Challenger Newsletter & additional recipes, hints & tips
  • REWARDS at the end of the Challenge, however in keeping with the Community Spirit of Pelotone, this is not a challenge where there is a winner or a loser.   A SUUNTO M4 Sports Watch & HR Dual Monitor pack will be rewarded to the challenger who achieves the HIGHEST BODY FAT PERCENTAGE loss.
  • OPTIONAL fortnightly measurements and weigh in's; and before/after photo -  entirely up to the participant themselves and for their private use and reference only. 

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